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Thursday, December 1, 2011

DEATH on the West Bank

Hi everybody! 

I am taking the liberty of writing something a little bit different than the original format that I have been using since we began this blog.

Irene and I had an exceptionally good day. We shared beautiful beet juice and laughs, as I weighed myself after two days on the 17 Day Diet and had a drop in 7 pounds. WOW. Irene also weighed in at 197 pounds, down 3! YAY. 

Today we had a small telephone reunion with friends two provinces away in Saskatchewan and company that came over later for tea with toast and jam. A lovely treat of which neither Irene and I partook of.

Irene and I have a standing scheduled appointment every Wednesday night and her nerves were a bit bad, so I decided to go out by myself. When I left the house I noticed that our neighbours across the street were paying more than the usual attention to my movements. Also, there were vehicles parked everywhere; cars in their driveway, on the street in front of their house, our house, next door... really, everywhere. I joked to myself that they were starting their seasonal party waaay ahead of schedule this year, and drove off.

I got home at 9:30 pm and was totally ravenous. I destroyed some freebie foods and then chopped up a whole apple and put it in my double pro biotic serving. Great. Relax and watch Barry get his hiney handed to him in a picnic basket on Storage Wars.

We had company come upstairs, Noriko, Lanes fiancee. We were all having a nice chat whilst the television drifted over to the 11:00 pm news. I glanced over and saw an interview taking place with a couple in front of their house. That house looks familiar...

That house was familiar. At the end of the article reel, the face of our neighbour flashed on the screen and said: MISSING in bold, red letters.

WHAT??? I ran to the computer and Googled the news article to our horror. Our neighbour across the street had disappeared and was missing for over a day. There was a search team compiled of police and family members who volunteered to look in, around, through and over all the local areas surrounding our town.

Irene and I stared at each other, our eyes getting wider with every gasp. Disbelief rang through us as I said,  "I'm going over there to see if they need anything." I knew it was almost 11:30 pm but when something like this is happening, you just know that the affected family is not going to be sleeping well and will likely be up awaiting any forthcoming information.

Irene said, "I am coming too. Wait for me," as I was already out the door. I ran down the driveway as I saw someone across the street at the house, some lonely person unloading their car in the dark, ready to go inside. Irene asked again to wait, but I knew that if I did, I would have missed my opportunity to talk to the person, relative, friend - whomever it was across the street. So I went ahead of Irene, introduced myself and expressed our shock and sympathy.

I explained how if we would have heard earlier or yesterday that we would have been over sooner to see if anyone needed anything. But we just heard now on the news. The response I got was not positive as Irene crossed the road to see what was going on. 

He's dead. We found him nearby. He's dead in the hospital. 

Oh no... what do you say when you are standing on the side of a deserted road, in the cold and dead winter night, talking to someone whom you have never met before about the sudden and tragic death of this man's step dad?

I am so sorry. I am so sorry.

We expressed our condolences and said goodnight, even though it was the farthest thing from good.

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