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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday's Seven

Hi everybody! Or nobody. 

So far I think I am the only one who is jacking up the page views on this site from all my posting, photos and editing. But that's OKAY. Even if I'm only encouraging myself, I am still going through with this.

Today I think that I was being hit up by the critical healing phase of my diet. My symptoms included some minor stomach irritation that began last night. 

I have to be clear about mentioning that in the 17 Day Diet, Dr. Moreno made no references to
"critical healing". He did however mention that this diet was not just designed to help one lose weight, but also constructed in such a way that the body cleanses and detoxifies itself during the program. As with many detox or cleansing regimes, the body goes through what is known as "critical healing" whereupon the person on the program may suffer from headaches, nausea, stomach aches and muscle pain. It all depends on what kind of shape your body is in and how severe the treatment/program/diet is that your doctor helped you choose. 

Since my doctor suggested that I leave the province to be with family during this program, I took his advice and did what was right for me. I hope that you do too, whoever you are. And please tell me about it! I would love to hear your story!

Irene was adamant about wanting to go for a walk on Sunday evening. Her destination of choice was Starbucks as it is important for Irene to reward herself during this diet. I don't care as much about the reward process as she does, but since she is sponsoring me, I do what she suggests. 

As it turns out, I was getting ready for our walk when Irene changed her mind about going. I treated her with a manicure and I THINK she enjoyed it, but she didn't say either way. So I am not sure. She DID however really like the coffee I made for her. Since we couldn't go to Starbucks, I brought Starbucks to her by making a poor man's latte. I heated Rice Dream, rice milk and adding her Stevia sweetener to the milk. Then I foamed it up with her hand blender and poured it over a cup of strong coffee. THIS, she liked because she repeated it over and over again while I was doing her nails.

We ate left over turkey burgers with beans and salad. I love the left overs. Many people have problems with eating left over foods, which I have never understood. I have even seen people throw away good food after a meal to avoid storing anything to eat later. Whatever... it's day seven and we are one day away from the half way point of the first cycle and two days shy of 1/7 th of the way through the first three cycles on the 17 Day diet, before we have to repeat them again to reach our goal weights. 

By the way, Irene and I had an AWESOME dance session tonight! THIS IS GREAT!

Good night all you critical healers out there! Stick to it! Our bodies will thank us later, I can promise you that! 

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