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Friday, December 2, 2011

Cycle One: Accelerate! Day 4 - ALOHA

Not so great morning, Thursday...
Doing the Hawaiian Hula In Walmart with tinsel as my Lei & Skirt!

6:07 am
I was still awake from the previous day and felt hungry and tired. Bad combo. I ate my leftover caramel yogurt and Granny Smith apple for breakfast and literally crashed out.

10:10 am
Starbucks with Noriko. I had my usual venti, bold pick with skim milk and decided to add one Splenda to the mix. It was hot and comforting, something I especially needed after going a night with minimal sleep. The two of us laughed and had a nice conversation. I am glad that there is no problem with a language barrier between us.

11:00 am
Aloha! Off to Walmart. Danced the Charleston in the customer service line up and did the hula in "seasonal" while dressed in garland. Heart rate +++ great exercise, this dancing is! I felt more South Pacific than It's a Wonderful Life. A nice elder lady in a pale pink coat, strolled past us two girls and commented on how we were doing a good job on bringing a tropical feeling to this chilly place. Mahalo!

1:30 pm
Home for my first meal of the day. Irene was cleaning house and we discussed how the family across the street was coping with the death in their family. Irene made a nice big green salad with salmon and a spicy salsa dressing. Noriko ate what Irene ate and said she liked it despite Irene's comments about denying its goodness for those who may not like what she likes when it comes to food, adding, Messa has different tastes, likes different food. Yes I like variety and trying new recipes. She is right about that 100%.

I made a coleslaw with green cabbage, green onion, shredded carrot and half a red bell pepper. I wanted an Asian flavour so for the dressing I used lite soy, water, coarsely ground black pepper and Krisda. I let it marinate for a wee bit while I opened up a can of tuna to make sure that I had plenty of protein. Noriko also ate a bowl of coleslaw and made a happy exclamation in Japanese, expressing her delight in the taste of my little made up recipe. HAPPY HAPPY

3:30 pm 
I began prepping for our supper dish while Irene went shopping to M & M Meats food to take to our friends across the street. We called ahead to explain the situation and explain how we would like to patronize their business. They offered Irene flyer sale prices even though the flyer doesn't come into effect Friday.

I skinned and de-boned chicken thighs which have less calories than the breast of the chicken. After cubing the meat, I minced garlic cloves and a large white onion. I put everything in the pan and cooked without any oil. Instead I used the juice from a can of tomatoes to sauté the meat. While that was simmering I used the food processor to slice carrots and celery along with cabbage and cilantro and added it all along with stewed tomatoes and one can that I puréed before adding it with whole green beans. Salt and pepper. Mmm Mmm.

5:30 pm
Noriko and Lane came upstairs to join us for supper, had seconds and loved every bite. Success for all of us because this is the second time in four days that Lane and Noriko have eaten out "diet" food with us. It's a family affair.

11:00 pm
I always seem to get hungry about 3 hours between meals. No problemmo!
Freebie foods on this diet help to curb the empty feeling. Lean proteins and more Asian slaw, this time microwaved to warm it up. Delicious!
Irene is drinking lots of water and running to the wash room. She's happy to be ridding her body of water and asks me if I feel any better with all the waste elimination. I told her that I feel no difference because I have been drinking like this for 20 years, I LOVE WATER. So there is no change in my voiding habits.  She also makes a valid point about her epiphany in the wash room.

Irene tells me that she just realised that by my writing and documenting our progress everyday, she feels that she has a commitment to fulfill with the general public. If anyone reads about this, she wants to be able to encourage others and not let anyone down. 
Has she forgotten that she has already lost 128 pounds??? I don't know, but agree with her 100%.

11:30 pm
Dave  and Craig as usual, but I decided to record the latter and do some writing.

I have nothing unusual to report for the day but do not feel apologetic for this. I feel as though everything that I document is beneficial for encouragement and helps to bolster confidence. 

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