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Monday, December 5, 2011

Cycle One: Accelerate! Day 8 - Monday Madness

Hi everyone!

I got up late this morning, booo. It's my sixth day of watching the sun come up. 

Have no fear because I was accompanied during the night by my favourite male You Tuber of the "Cosmetic/Make Up" genre, Wayne Goss. His videos are extremely concise when it comes to cosmetics because he get's to the meat of the problem/product instead of dancing around unnecessary information. Chalk that up to being a guy. More technical facts, less emotional filler. For those of you who appreciate the bitter truth, love a good laugh and have a penchant for cosmetics, Wayne Goss is THE go to guy to watch! Not to mention that I get a kick our of his vernacular and command of the English language.. SENSATIONAL! For more on Wayne Goss, please follow his blog here: Goss Makeup Artist or if you feel daring, subscribe to his channel on You Tube here: Goss Makeup Artist on You Tube. I am always daring, darlings... 
Onward and upward! 

10:00 - 11:19 am
Coffee has been gurgling in the coffee maker for what seems like an eternity. I passed out on the couch and heard the noise in the background but was seriously so tired, I couldn't even lift my eyes and ask Irene what was boiling in the kitchen. Turns out that the coffee maker broke. Pump is gonzo.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I tried boiling coffee in a pot on the stove, old school style and read to Irene from the e-flyers about who had what on sale and available for different coffee brewing units. When the time came I drained out the coffee grounds three times. It was still gross. YUCK. I put my face on to go to Starbucks and also buy a coffee maker. 
Little view of one of the local Starbuck's

1:30 pm 
We land in Starbucks for our venti, bold brew, skim milk & Splenda cafe's. Mine of course is minus the sweetener. 

2:15 pm
London Drugs is where Irene chose to buy her new brewing station from. I talked her out of buying those useless one cup coffee makers made by Keurig, and Tassimo, etc. The peculator that she wanted was too small and had a max capacity of 8 cups. She chose the Hamilton Beach 10 cup coffee dispenser style maker. And of course on the way to the check out I swung by the cosmetic scene to find an eye primer, just browsing actually. 

4:00 pm
Prepping veggies for our Tilapia. What am I going to do? Celery, bok choy, peppers and cilantro with a freshly squeezed pink grapefruit. I make it up as I go along and haven't been disappointed yet. I pan fried the fish in a combo of olive and flax oils for a minute on each side and transferred it to the oven while I stir fried the veggetables with Tumeric and some salt and pepper to taste. Irene likes the sweetness of certain foods, so to enhance the natural sweetness of the veggies I also added some Stevia. Just a dash.

5:00 pm
We had an amazing supper! the Tilapia was firm and moist. I have never eaten fish cooked so perfectly before. Really, I haven't. I have had undercooked fish, dried out and overcooked. But this was really remarkable with such a wonderful flavour and absolutely no hint of odour or trace of fishyness! WOWIE.

6:00 pm
At the Superstore shopping for soup ingredients. Irene and I collectively agreed to buy some diet soda tonight too. We nearly cleaned off the shelves, not really. But we did buy about eight bottles of soda. I'm going to go crazy.. I love diet soda. If anything, it will be my demise!

7:00 pm
Back at London Drugs to buy a second coffee maker, just like the one that Irene bought earlier in the afternoon. Lane saw us come home before and asked what happened to the coffee maker. I then later mentioned to Irene that Lane and Noriko's coffee maker was kind of going on the fritz. In the usual spirit of generosity, Irene gave them the one she got and so we went back for another one. Wee. 

8:30 pm
I am making more of my most popular soup that I created on Thursday night. This time I am shredding the carrots and celery so that there is more of a stew like texture. I am making two separate batches, one with cut green beans and one with spinach. In total I made about 6 gallons of soup. 

11:30 pm
The soup is stewing in the oven at a low 250 degrees. I said to Irene that I will eat this soup for breakfast, lunch and din din, because it is sooo good and full of our freebie foods! WHY NOT!

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