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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cycle Two: Activate! Day's 9 - 11.

So the weekend is gone, along with most of the major holiday's. 

Hi Everybody! Thanks for reading.

I am combining three days because I only cooked once on Friday, and we have been eating the leftover's of batch number three of my Super Soup! I did this because I was asked to be a designated driver on Saturday night and was not sure of when or where I would be coming or going. So I thought to cook ahead and eat when it is most convenient. No preparations or meal menu's for this weekend. 

No matter. 

Saturday was a blur as I felt the affects again of the terrible wind that blew in the day before. I have never had headaches here at home before this visit. Migraines and this location never existed. However, I must say that
the wind was grossly strong and by Sunday I was pinned to my bed until after 3pm with a shoulder ache and another migraine. What is going on?

On Sunday night, I Skyped my Faithful Friend Forever, otherwise known as Heather. She has been going through one rough patch after another with her health lately. Earlier in the year, around March, she had her gallbladder removed. Now she is undergoing pain localised to the same area and has been in the hospital 5 times in the past 12 days or so. CRAZY right? You bet it is! I did my best to offer her encouragement and see what the doctor's were doing to help her along. No formal diagnosis has been made except for a general statement concerning that Heather may have a viral infection. "Wait it out" was the unofficial prescription given to her on the final trip Saturday afternoon. 

I know first hand how sever a viral infection can be. In August I experienced a skin irritation all over my body. Within a week the rash had worsened and one Tuesday morning after I took my friend to the airport, I had the feeling of a weight on my chest and passed out for 12 hours. I awakened at 6:45pm to such sever chest pains that I was barely breathing. I knew I was not having a heart attack because I had no other symptoms than just respiratory distress.

One 9-1-1 call and an ambulance ride to RGH proved that my viral infection was causing fluid to collect around my heart. I had what is known as Pericardial Effusion. It took over a month for that virus to work itself out of my system. I was still week after two months. Crazy... 

I hope that Heather's organs hold out and that she will be okay through all of the stress that these crummy little bacteria's inflict upon us! I LOVE YOU HEATHER! Mwah Mwah Mwah 

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