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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 17 - Measurements

Messa's Measurements on The 17 Day Diet Program*:

January 1, 2012                      January 17, 2012                     Difference

Head Circumference:           Head Circumference:
56cm = 22"                               55 cm = 21 6/8 "                      - 1 cm = 2/8 "

Neck:                                            Neck: 
39cm = 15 3/8"                            38 cm = 15 "                          - 1 cm = 2/8 "

Shoulders (around)                Shoulders (around)       
119cm = 46 7/8"                        119 cm = 46 7/8 "                  No Change

 Chest:                                          Chest:
126cm = 49 4/8                           125 cm = 49 2/8                - 1 cm = 2/8 "

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 16 - Feed Bags on Vacation

It is with mixed emotions that I write this post. 

I am thrilled with glee to say that my aunt Irene has asked me to go away on "vacation" with her this winter. I agreed despite the minus 30 degree weather and the 15 hour trip ahead of us. This trip is many years in the making for both Irene and I. The last time that she was at our intended destination was 40 years ago, and I have never been. Hence my excitement. We have family that has been living there for 9 years now. We owe them a big visit!

However, it is with much sadness and regret that I say that this will be my last entry for a while. By awhile I meant that I am not exactly sure of how long we are going for or how busy we will be with family, etc. Also, I have packed a few extra woollen blankets and survival gear in case we blow a tire and land in a snow bank, trapped alive. 

Where are we going you may be wondering? GRANDE PRAIRIE, ALBERTA! This is how REAL Canadians vacation in the winter!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 15 - Food is a Drug...

...and I am my own pimp.

I had a surprise visitor in my bedroom this morning. Someone was waking me up and requested my presence at an impromptu luncheon conference. Great. I love surprises. Not.

As it turns out I had a meeting at The White Spot with Irene and addressed some major topics that were causing her some clearly visible stress. She was able to vent and use me as a sounding board to bounce thoughts and ideas off of. I was not able to mirror her anxiety which is a positive thing. This I say because if also became worried over the matters at hand, then it would have been detrimental for the both of us and we would have literally fed into each other's weaknesses of food addiction. 

Yes, when I poured over the menu, I felt tempted with food. I was able to resist the burgers and pasta. But when I saw the

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 14 - Just Like Starting Over

Hey hey everybody.

Did the med change work? Did I go back to 169 lbs? 
The answers are no and no. 
The medication wouldn't really produce proper results because I was going through so much. I did feel more stabilized and felt like I was not suffering all the time. Family anxiety, one death, one near miss, two major moves and two surgeries for me made my mental state more difficult to regulate. The worst of it all was when I had my hysterectomy in 2009. 

Previously, I had ovarian surgery in February of 2005 and stayed quite ill. I may have fluctuated by 10 lbs here and there but for the most part remained at 280 lbs. I was continually experiencing health problems until my OBGYN and I decided that a hysterectomy

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 13 - The Biggest Loser Pt II

There I was.
I had lost a total of 127 pounds. I went from 296 pounds down to 169 pounds in a matter of 6 months. I was eating mainly veggies and lean protein. I had a dance partner and was exercising 15 hours a week on average. 

And so I stood in Walmart trying to do up a cheap pair of size 28 jeans and couldn't. I squeezed them over my thighs and was actually straining to do them up at the waist. What was the problem?
I grabbed some candy and chips to take back to the hospital with me and when I arrived back at my room, I placed a delivery order for pizza. This was something I had done in the past, ordering take out to the hospital. No problem there. Friday night, upset over weight gain and stuck in the hospital for two weeks so far, I didn't see any red flags about ordering a couple of pizza's.

The problem was that I made the mistake of turning to food at my crisis time instead of

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 12 - The Biggest Loser Pt I

Hello dieters!

I left yesterday's blog entry with a question that stemmed from a massive weight loss in 2003. The question was, what was I doing that caused the sudden fluctuation in my weight and vaulted me into super skinny mode? 

One of the contributing factors in this situation was medication. By this time in question, I had been under my psychiatrist's care for about a year and a half. I was bouncing around taking different medication combination's until I could settle with one that worked. I wasn't finding any relief and found my daily habits and personality changing. I was given a prescription for a particular medication in August of 2003 and by the end of September I had lost about 30 lbs. This was a traumatic time as I had also been ill and hospitalized with double pneumonia. 

Hospitalized for pneumonia in Sept 2003

So where did this leave me? 
I was gaining energy by the day and becoming quite hyper. This is something that had never happened to me before.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 11 - Lockout Pt II

Now where was I?

Oh yes, the mental memento!

So why do we have such fond memories of food? Chances are that most of us who are suffering from food addiction have had strong associations to food. As you may or may not have read the preface to The Feed Bags, I indicated that I was raised in cafeteria's, canteens and coffee shops. These regular visits imposed a measure of pleasantries upon my tiny brain. I connected eating out in restaurants with my family and fun times. I also made a correlation between eating out and rewards. If we did something good, we were rewarded with food. And if something bad happened to us, like sickness, we were made to feel better with food. By we, I mean Irene's son Lane and myself. 

KILL ME NOW! Oh man, our parents had the right idea about comforting us, but chose to so with a

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 10 - Lockout Pt I

I do believe that a lock out is in order.

Hi All!

I'm not quite sure about what the consensus is on re-training your brain to manage food addiction. However, as a current food addict, I cannot call myself a recovered food addict at this juncture of our diet. I think that Irene may have a pretty good handle on her addiction as I see the will power that she exercises. I also see the mind games she has to play with herself, as well as the positive affirmations and some negative motivation too. 

For example Irene tells herself, "I will not let food ruin my life, I am in control of what I eat." I see this as a 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 9 - Hum Drum


Yes. Hum Drum.

Irene and I have had our dietary balloons deflated. Just one of those days. 

We ate well, having eaten a coleslaw made with cabbage, green onion, radish, carrot and a mild Asian dressing. She had salmon for protein and I ate tuna, our desired preferences. We also visited Millie tonight and delivered a whole whack of food from Saturdays supper. 

Millie got turkey, potatoes, veggies, gravy, dressing, stuffed cabbage rolls, home made perogies and a special family recipe for

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Days 4 - 8. This Week In Pictures

Hi everyone!

The Feed Bags have had a busy week! We have been preparing for company this past weekend, shopping, cooking, supporting Heather through her MRI, ordering wedding dresses, entertaining, shopping for sick relatives and saying farewell to friends moving to Haiti. I thought that I would just compile a quick picture diary to show a few things we have tried this week. 


Monday Morning Venti Bold!

Supper. Fish Cakes with Tomato Amaranth Sauce and Spinach Salad
My First Taste of Shiritaki Noodles!
Tomato Reduction with Shrimp... MMM

Family Supper at Boston Pizza.
Yes, that's wine!
Popped and roasted Amaranth on my salad.
What a delicious texture!
The infamous NUGO Bar! Thanks NUGO!
Half was plenty for me! Noriko had the other half - hee hee!
Irene's Wicked Weekly Find!

Noriko's Awesome snack pick from Natures Fare!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 3 - Pedometer Time

Well well well, thank you for joining us tonight!

The Feed Bags decided to buy pedometers tonight to track our walking distance. 

I asked Irene if she would walk with me around the local Walmart parking lot. Why the parking lot you may ask? Well to be honest with you

Monday, January 2, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 2 - When we're together...

Ciao peoples!

Not much to say today.
I seem to be in my winter insomnia phase and had a little problem sleeping last night. I turned on Netflix and watched Black Swan.
When I got up at 11 Irene had made some juice and saved it for me in the refrigerator. I must say that I really enjoy drinking juice! I don't know why Oprah

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 1 - 2012 Leap Year Shout Outs!

This is not the end of the world. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship with myself. 
Hi Everyone!

In the calendar of our minds, today we have all turned over a new page to welcome a new year. In fact, we have an advantage on our side for 2012, 366 days - yes it's a leap year! So in case you mess up big time this year, consider that you receive a get out of jail free day, dust off your feet and keep moving. Like Miss. Stacey told Anne Of Green Gables, "Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it." 
And, I do believe that it is sweet. Why so?

The Feed Bags have begun to correspond, message, text and tweet about our story to friends, family, professionals and even