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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 1 - 2012 Leap Year Shout Outs!

This is not the end of the world. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship with myself. 
Hi Everyone!

In the calendar of our minds, today we have all turned over a new page to welcome a new year. In fact, we have an advantage on our side for 2012, 366 days - yes it's a leap year! So in case you mess up big time this year, consider that you receive a get out of jail free day, dust off your feet and keep moving. Like Miss. Stacey told Anne Of Green Gables, "Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it." 
And, I do believe that it is sweet. Why so?

The Feed Bags have begun to correspond, message, text and tweet about our story to friends, family, professionals and even
strangers. The response has been good thus far. I haven't seen any numbers jump as far as people reading our blog, but we have had a healthy amount of people respond to us in other means. This is very encouraging and it helps to solidify the relationship I have with others. By this I mean that I no longer feel that Irene and I are the only ones working together to take this dietary challenge. 

I also have read many people's resolutions, goals, and strategies for the upcoming year. The common theme that washes over every body is wellness. What is wellness? According to one dictionary, wellness is 1. the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. In my opinion, this encompasses a wide variety of results for people. One may choose to reduce stress in the work place by taking 5 minutes of their break to stretch, others may feel the need to quit smoking or incorporate home cooked meals into an already busy schedule. I applaud every one who is making a conscious decision to put forth physical effort to achieve their personal wellness. I, for one have a few goals in mind, two of which are sticking to my dietary program and continue to work toward my goal weight. This is not a new goal for the new year, this is something specific I have to remind myself of every day.

This particular goal of mine would definitely have been harder to achieve if it were not for the help of my sponsor and aunt, Irene. I drove from Calgary to Westbank in late November 2011 so that Irene and I could begin "nutritional therapy" together. Since the beginning, we have lost a combined weight of about 30 lbs. As many of you know, Irene's journey began on December 4, 2010, the day she started the HCG Diet. Irene has lost over 120 lbs! Personally I think it's more, but she down plays her success in many ways as she is unable to accept this weight loss. To Irene, this weight loss is a fact, not reality. So she knows she has lost the weight because she can see it, but does not believe in her mind that she has accomplished anything. That is perfectly acceptable and reasonable because when she is ready, she will flourish like a butterfly morphing from it's chrysalis. 

I am quite the opposite of Irene when it comes to weight loss and fitness goals. Irene sees and feels the weight loss, I have lost 23 lbs so far and feel no different. I measure myself regularly, Irene doesn't want to see numbers. Irene weighs herself about once a week, I weigh myself daily. I like to feel the burn, Irene not so much. A true testament for the success of a diet program is largely scaled upon not just what kind of results are produced, but also on what kind of person is capable of seeing results. What may be good for a diabetic may not be good for a pregnant woman or someone with food allergies. However, the Feed Bags being almost polar opposites with habits and likes, are still able to not only enjoy The 17 Day Diet but also flourish under it's guidance and still lose weight. What more could we want? ONE BILLION DOLLARS??? Meh.

Here are five things that I have learned from my past failed efforts and successful goals achieved:

1. Keep your ideals realistic so that you will be able to reach them with minimal trials. Thinking BIG is great, but be sure to implement a baby step procedure to reach your intended destination.

2. If you stumble, only you are responsible for yourself getting back up again. Laying blame and making excuses only create delay in your progress.

3. Forgive yourself for mistakes, no matter if they are willfull or unconscious mistakes. Being hard on yourself hinders progress and wastes healthy energy.

4. Allow your personal self improvement to serve as a positive daily reminder. Leave yourself post it notes on the bathroom mirror or on the fridge to keep you focussed. 

5. Reach out. Having a support system can only lead to motivation that will assist you in achieving your goals. I have Irene, but have reached out to friends, other family members, professionals and many others.

I wish everyone out there a happy and healthy life and much success on your road to wellness. Please feel free to contact us if you need a boost of confidence or extra support. I am freely offering my services (for now)! Ha ha ha ha... Remember I am not a medical professional. I am just one amazing girl with outstanding experience! Ha ha ha ha... oh I kill myself!

Special thanks to the following in alphabetical order:

Abd-ElRahman Youssef - Mechatronics Engineer & Fungi 
Andrew - Chief Juicer at 877 My Juicer dot com
Asif Premji - My Favourite Tweeter & Buddy System Enthusiast 

Body Biotics - Upward Quest Natural Supplements
BUZZ - Media Personality & Our Local Version of The Dude

Dr. Oz - Really? Need I say more?
Dr. Stacia Pierce - Success Coach, Mentor and Author

Eat Local Grown - Data base to find local market growers

Hannah Crum - Master brewer of Kombuchka Tea

Irene - Co-dieter & sparring partner!

James Farmer - Developmental Coach
Jamie Oliver - Inspiration with a whisk!
Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution Team
Jeffrey Straker - Ivory Tickler & Teller of Tales

Kate Manchester - Promos Edible Communities in NM
Kevin Smith - Boot Camp Ninja

Mandy Randall - Blonde Bombshell & Lover of Picnics
Max Goldberg - Verified, organic, passionate and handsome!
Mojoz Surf N Snow - Westbank's Premier Ski & Board Shop

NuGo Nutrition - Awesome Nutrition Bars!

Patricia Forrest - Problem solver, ring leader, consultant
The Pink Apron - Fellow Blogger

Rochelle Forrest - Inspirational Author and Health Coach

Waves Coffee Houses - Canadian Goodness
Wayne Goss - Make Up Whiz & Professional Winker!

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