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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 10 - Lockout Pt I

I do believe that a lock out is in order.

Hi All!

I'm not quite sure about what the consensus is on re-training your brain to manage food addiction. However, as a current food addict, I cannot call myself a recovered food addict at this juncture of our diet. I think that Irene may have a pretty good handle on her addiction as I see the will power that she exercises. I also see the mind games she has to play with herself, as well as the positive affirmations and some negative motivation too. 

For example Irene tells herself, "I will not let food ruin my life, I am in control of what I eat." I see this as a 
negative motivation linked with a positive affirmation, indicating that she recognizes that she allowed food to wreck her life at some point, and now she is in control of what she consumes. I have also seen Irene tell herself that chewing Apple Pie flavoured gum is as good as eating Apple Pie. THIS, is a total mind game that she plays to get herself through the next 5 minutes of dieting. That's right. The next 5 minutes. 

Sure it's great to fire through your dieting cycles like a bullet from a gun. But, sometimes you really have to take it slowly, listen to your bodily cravings and then tell them where to go! Really listen to yourself. If you want something you know your body doesn't need, break it down and analyse why you want it. Ask yourself, do I really need this? What is it about this food that makes me crave it? Am I associating a good or bad memory to this food? Is 10 seconds in my mouth worth 10 years on my belly or thighs? By the time you give yourself an answer to these questions, hopefully the craving will have passed. If not, the minimum achievement would hopefully help you to reason yourself away from intended bodily harm. 

I choose to "Lockout" all of these detrimental lies. We are locking out any association to bad foods and replacing these ideas with glimpses of our past and future in order to fuel the fire of our dietary ambitions. We do not focus on our past, but we do remember our mistakes in order to teach us lessons about what we can do differently to achieve our desired results. Simple right? Yeah, kinda. Maybe a little too obvious. I think that it is vital for us to keep constant reminders as part of our consciousness; mental memento's of how far we've come to set the pace and spur us on to how far we want to go!

Can we do it? You bet we can!
Pt II up and coming...
Love to all!

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