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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Days 4 - 8. This Week In Pictures

Hi everyone!

The Feed Bags have had a busy week! We have been preparing for company this past weekend, shopping, cooking, supporting Heather through her MRI, ordering wedding dresses, entertaining, shopping for sick relatives and saying farewell to friends moving to Haiti. I thought that I would just compile a quick picture diary to show a few things we have tried this week. 


Monday Morning Venti Bold!

Supper. Fish Cakes with Tomato Amaranth Sauce and Spinach Salad
My First Taste of Shiritaki Noodles!
Tomato Reduction with Shrimp... MMM

Family Supper at Boston Pizza.
Yes, that's wine!
Popped and roasted Amaranth on my salad.
What a delicious texture!
The infamous NUGO Bar! Thanks NUGO!
Half was plenty for me! Noriko had the other half - hee hee!
Irene's Wicked Weekly Find!

Noriko's Awesome snack pick from Natures Fare!


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