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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Eating Through Travel, Trauma, Tragedy and Triumph Part Four

Salutations Sweetu's,

When I last left you hanging in gasp of suspense, Jan was on the road to recovery from cancer. Her father's funeral was a week ahead and Lane's wedding was a mere five days away.

It felt good to be home, as good as it get's. My home is the home of my aunt Irene who is also my dietary sponsor. We hugged in the driveway and went inside to lay off my things and take refreshment until the rest of our crew came in from GP, 13 hours N/E of us. 

Two hours passed and then we all heard the roar of Aaron's RAM 3500. The whole town did. George and Tara were literally in tow, with their boys and pooch plus fifth wheel. Hoaky Croaky. Good times were on their way.

Head gasket blown on their Ram, George and Tara were grateful to arrive when they did, despite being 2am and waking up the hood. Hmm, more tragedy? Yeah, kinda...