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Monday, February 6, 2012

Newsflash - Messa's Back In Calgary

The Feed Bags have officially separated after 75 days together. 

Some may say, awe that is sad. I say it's a very good thing. The reason that we were together for so long is because Irene and I wanted to support each other through a new dietary procedure. Irene also sponsored me as my weight loss coach, giving me tips and tricks after her 100+ pound and continuing drop in weight.

We finished the first three cycles of Dr. Moreno's 17 Day Diet. As per his instructions, if one does not finish their total weight loss by diet day 51, you must re-cycle, starting over from either first or second cycle depending on how much you are willing to sacrifice. Honestly, there has been no sacrifice on this diet! It is wonderful.

Last Tuesday night, I arrived back in my town of Calgary, Alberta and took a few days to clean, reorganize, unpack and launder to mention just a few things. I kind of went off my dieting for three days because before I left, my apartment was not diet proof. So rather than throwing out food whilst the famine is just "ending" in Somalia, I chose to eat my triple chocolate chip cookies, dill pickle chips and