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Monday, February 6, 2012

Newsflash - Messa's Back In Calgary

The Feed Bags have officially separated after 75 days together. 

Some may say, awe that is sad. I say it's a very good thing. The reason that we were together for so long is because Irene and I wanted to support each other through a new dietary procedure. Irene also sponsored me as my weight loss coach, giving me tips and tricks after her 100+ pound and continuing drop in weight.

We finished the first three cycles of Dr. Moreno's 17 Day Diet. As per his instructions, if one does not finish their total weight loss by diet day 51, you must re-cycle, starting over from either first or second cycle depending on how much you are willing to sacrifice. Honestly, there has been no sacrifice on this diet! It is wonderful.

Last Tuesday night, I arrived back in my town of Calgary, Alberta and took a few days to clean, reorganize, unpack and launder to mention just a few things. I kind of went off my dieting for three days because before I left, my apartment was not diet proof. So rather than throwing out food whilst the famine is just "ending" in Somalia, I chose to eat my triple chocolate chip cookies, dill pickle chips and
be grateful. Despite this part time binge, I managed to start my diet over from the beginning again as instructed and also lost a couple more pounds. I have currently dropped a total of 23 pounds in under two months. I have continuously lost weight and have not plateaued yet. YAY. SUCCESS.

There is so much I have to tell you all about!

I want to mention my new routine, now that I am home. It is drastically different from how I have lived the past two months with Irene. I have changed some of my cooking methods and also have incorporated portion control and calorie counting. I began to do a daily dry brushing routine to make sure that my skin eliminates the maximum toxicity from my body. As I said when I first began blogging, our intent was to diet once our bodies finished a minor detox in order for our organs to assimilate our food to it's fullest potential. My skin is the biggest organ my body has, and it throws off major waste. My grand mother used to dry brush every day and I have always had a body brush, but only brushed randomly. The benefits are not just about cleansing, but also improving my circulation system and also having more firm, toned and glowing skin! Now that I have returned home to my sanctum, I began this healthy regimen. IT WORKS!

Even though I am making physical changes to my routine et al, I really believe that dieting is a 100% mental thing. I need will power, strength, endurance, self control and major balance in order to succeed. As you can probably figure out, all of the aforementioned qualities overlap into my daily routine and other aspects of my life. It is a win-win situation when I can have control over just one area of my life and then have it manifest itself in the others too. This is not to say that my life is in any way out of control. Rather, just in the process of being fined tuned according to my growth and progress.

I find that dieting has showed me how to be more self aware, even selfish. But that is okay. If we are not a little selfish, then how can we be at our prime to help others? I used to make constant withdrawals on my own emotional bank account, thinking that I was helping others. I may have helped in a temporary way, but eventually I found my coffers dry and I was wait deep in used up sacrifices. 

So thank's to this new way of eating, I am improving other areas in my life that I thought were okay before, I see that almost everything can be improved upon. I really am healthier, lighter and happier. Happiness is contagious and this is one disease I intend on spreading viciously!

How about you? Where do you fit in through this whole process? Are you achieving your goals and reaching a self balance? Where would you rate your positivity and your happiness?

I hope to hear from somebody. Anybody! 

Lot's of love.
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