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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 3 - Pedometer Time

Well well well, thank you for joining us tonight!

The Feed Bags decided to buy pedometers tonight to track our walking distance. 

I asked Irene if she would walk with me around the local Walmart parking lot. Why the parking lot you may ask? Well to be honest with you
it is because I wanted a well groomed, level surface to walk on. Not only is it level, but it is also cement, not gravel or dirt like so many other trails and walk ways. When the natural elements come into contact with these kinds of more rustic paths, the results can be a bit chaotic at times, especially in the winter and during busy times with runners and dog walkers. 

Irene readily agreed and took on the challenge. She suggested buying pedometers in the Walmart so that we could see what distance we can challenge ourselves to. Yeah, I can handle that. As I found out later, there is one problem with us walking together and that is a distance of roughly 8 inches in the difference of our leg length. Not only am I taller than Irene, but my legs are 42" (107 cm) long! So when the two of us walk together, I naturally go farther, faster. In order for us to keep pace, Irene has to do double time and a half or I have to crawl. It's kind of awkward. 

A few times, I broke into a run and headed for a lamp post in the parking lot, did a round and came back, rounded her and walked on. When she got to the starting point again, I told her that I would race her to Starbucks. I ROCKED (my run-walk) and she took her car. She passed me on the road as I was crossing and in 1 minute 42 seconds, we simultaneously walked into Starbucks two separate doors and up to the counter. 
Starbuck's TAZO Passion Tea

Not bad, I say. Not bad at all!

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