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Monday, January 9, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 9 - Hum Drum


Yes. Hum Drum.

Irene and I have had our dietary balloons deflated. Just one of those days. 

We ate well, having eaten a coleslaw made with cabbage, green onion, radish, carrot and a mild Asian dressing. She had salmon for protein and I ate tuna, our desired preferences. We also visited Millie tonight and delivered a whole whack of food from Saturdays supper. 

Millie got turkey, potatoes, veggies, gravy, dressing, stuffed cabbage rolls, home made perogies and a special family recipe for
a cream salad. The fan favourite. We had a really nice, debate free visit. We plan on meeting her again on Friday for coffee and to look at old family photos. 

When Irene and I got home I stepped in a puppy puddle, planted on Irene's floor. I stayed put until Irene could bring her mop over to me. I wiped my foot on the mop, lost my balance and stepped on the base, cracking the handle. I owe her a mop. She then decided to buy a gate for partitioning the stairway, so I Google'd several pressure mount gates. To our surprise we found a couple at Walmart. We rushed off to buy one, too short. Oh well, return it tomorrow and hope that the puppy does her business when she goes outside. 

Draining the whey out of my yogurt tonight. I feel GREEK!

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