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Friday, January 13, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 13 - The Biggest Loser Pt II

There I was.
I had lost a total of 127 pounds. I went from 296 pounds down to 169 pounds in a matter of 6 months. I was eating mainly veggies and lean protein. I had a dance partner and was exercising 15 hours a week on average. 

And so I stood in Walmart trying to do up a cheap pair of size 28 jeans and couldn't. I squeezed them over my thighs and was actually straining to do them up at the waist. What was the problem?
I grabbed some candy and chips to take back to the hospital with me and when I arrived back at my room, I placed a delivery order for pizza. This was something I had done in the past, ordering take out to the hospital. No problem there. Friday night, upset over weight gain and stuck in the hospital for two weeks so far, I didn't see any red flags about ordering a couple of pizza's.

The problem was that I made the mistake of turning to food at my crisis time instead of
waiting to talk to my doctor on Monday morning. I remember craving carbs and ordering two portions of sandwiches at lunch time from the hospital menu. When supper arrived I was eating pasta's and potatoes like every night was my last meal. By the time Monday came to see my doctor and go for my daily group therapy in 5N, I passed by the laundry room and dodged in to weigh myself. I nearly fell off in horror. I got off and re weighed myself. I tipped the scale at 200 lbs. 

I gained over 20 lbs during my two week stay at the hospital and couldn't figure out what was going on. If I was depressed when I arrived, imagine my mood when I saw this. WHAT IS GOING ON? I really had no clue. My head was not in a good place and I had one week left before the completion of my medication  change over. 

The short of it is this. I was gaining weight like sumo wrestler on steroids. Four months after my hospital admission I had gained back just over 80 lbs and finally clued in why I was gaining all the weight. Yes, I knew that my body had been thrusted into a stressful situation a few months prior. Yes my medication had changed drastically. Yes my diet had changed dramatically. But it wasn't until that moment in June where I realized that my new medication was not agreeing with me. The medication change was the reason why I was gaining weight. Not only was it was shutting off the signal in my head that says "I'm Full", but it was also telling my brain that while I am hungry, I must crave and indulge in carbohydrates. Eat bread, pasta, potatoes and everything I can possibly get my hands on. 

I took this self examinations to my psychiatrist and presented my findings. He said, yes, this was very much the possibility. WELL NO WONDER! I was almost all the way up to my original weight the year before and more depressed. I gave him an ultimatum. Either he take me off of this new med and replace it with something more conducive to my chemical needs, or I take myself off of the medication and have no replacement and suffer any consequences that may occur. Thankfully, he agreed with my decision because he recognised that weight gain added more sadness to an already bleak mental state. 

Did the med change work? 

Please stay tuned.
Lot's of Love!

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