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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cycle Three: Achieve! Day 14 - Just Like Starting Over

Hey hey everybody.

Did the med change work? Did I go back to 169 lbs? 
The answers are no and no. 
The medication wouldn't really produce proper results because I was going through so much. I did feel more stabilized and felt like I was not suffering all the time. Family anxiety, one death, one near miss, two major moves and two surgeries for me made my mental state more difficult to regulate. The worst of it all was when I had my hysterectomy in 2009. 

Previously, I had ovarian surgery in February of 2005 and stayed quite ill. I may have fluctuated by 10 lbs here and there but for the most part remained at 280 lbs. I was continually experiencing health problems until my OBGYN and I decided that a hysterectomy
and bi-lateral oophorectomy would be the best move for me. To tell you the truth I pushed him more for the hysterectomy than he wanted for me. 

It was 24 months after my surgery. May 2011 when I woke up one day and went from my occasional bouts of depression and constant death fixation to a feeling of normalcy. I stopped taking my anti depressants and sleeping pills cold turkey. I struggled with sleeping during the nights and still do. But I have only had two sad days in eight months, once was in July and the other was just after Irene and I began cycle three of this diet.

I am pretty confident that a severe hormonal imbalance was the cause of my life long battle with insomnia and depression, not to mention my weight fluctuations. I am hoping now that all of this is behind me, I can focus on my real life, my future and most of all, helping others achieve their happiness. I believe that I got a second chance at life and it only took 22 years. Why not take this opportunity to find my true self and show others what possibilities lie ahead?

This is only the beginning. It's just like starting over. 

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