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Friday, December 30, 2011

Cycle Two: Activate! Day 16 - The Gift

HI everybody!

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Irene and I had two nice days together as Natasha spent some time with us before she travelled on to her next destination. It has been four years since we last saw Natasha and I find it sad that I have to say so long to my friend of the past 18 years. 

The three of us enjoyed coffee and more fresh juice today over healthy conversation and debating. We shared a lot of laughs and a few tears said our good byes and parted company. I was unable to eat anything
before we were set to leave, I think this is because I didn't sleep well for the third night in a row and I was too tired to eat. Really.

I am sad about this parting of ways. However, I told Natasha that spending this time with her was a gift. It was something I wasn't expecting, a nice surprise. So I really appreciated the fact that we got to see her and spend valuable time together. Natasha was sad that four years have gone by. Personally I cannot believe it. Where does the time go? And now it's 2012.

I did not let my sadness overwhelm me into a state of depression or lapse into a dietary disaster. Irene and I had nice conversations summing up our visit and I made a light supper, first time eating today. I sliced cucumber and red onion, mixed it with No Salt and some Apple Cider Vinegar... the taste buds are really activated in my mouth! 

After doing some research on my health the past few days, I think I may have had a spell of Ketosis from not eating any carbohydrates. So, I also included some couscous in tonight's menu for a dash of carbs. It is allowed on this cycle of our diet, I just haven't been wanting to eat any. Me? NO CARBS! HUH???

Later I took on a little food project and did some experimenting. I peeled a dozen Macintosh apples, diced them, placed them in a saucepan and added 1kg of frozen strawberry's. After a couple more ingredients and an hour on the stove, the fruit came out thick like apple sauce but pink like strawberry's. Irene ate the whole pot minus a half a cup for me and my frozen yogurt. I'm not thrilled about her massive sugar consumption. Yes berry's and apples are low sugar fruit but not meant to be eaten a pint at a time. She thinks it's okay, so I am going to let sleeping dogs lye. I'm not a warrior. I am a peace maker.
It's all well and good. Really. 

See you next year!

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