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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cycle Two: Activate! Day 6 - Spaghetti for Four

Hi all.
Spaghetti Squash and Meat Sauce - 100% Diet food!

Today's entry is not about how great our food was. Today's entry is about a challenge, a clash of emotions and of discouragement because food came first instead of moral obligation to one's self. 

Today, Irene and I had a plan of action. 
Walk along the lake, bank and shop for groceries - in that order.

We started off with juicing a breakfast. She insists that it staves off her hunger. I find it delicious but juicing doesn't affect me the same way.
For me, having fresh juice is like drinking a glass of sweet, pulpy water. I could be hungry in two minutes if that's the way my body is operating that day.
We had our juice, got ready and left. 

I changed the plan by adding, fuel up the car to the beginning of the list. When I did that, I set in motion a drastic change of plans that added nothing but stress for me and probably Irene too, but in different ways.
You see, the wind was blowing fiercely as I was pumping gas and I literally froze in a matter of two minutes. When I was done, I got into the car and told Irene that I needed to go home and put on an extra layer of clothes in order to go walking comfortably. She had a coat, hat, gloves, etc. She suggested that we not walk. I said, oh no, we will shop and then exercise at home. "What difference does it make when we exercise? So we change the order, no big deal. Let's dance when we get home." She vehemently agreed.

So we did our banking, shopping and came home. I immediately  changed into my dancing/exercise clothes and she made for the kitchen declaring, "I'M STARVING!!!" Hmmm, I thought - "What happened to her long lasting juice? It was only 1:30 in the afternoon, we had been gone less than two hours. After she went into the kitchen, I didn't see her eat anything while she began preparation for her spaghetti sauce.

I put on the music that she likes to listen to in hopes of getting her to put down the knife and step into a few minutes of exercise. NO WAY. The mood in the kitchen was fierce, I felt a bad energy, although I am sure that she would deny it. And that is okay. Irene is fully within her right to do as she pleases. 

Too bad, I thought. I am not changing OUR plan. I know I am guilty of not exercising twice every day, but I am exercising, working up my heart rate, drinking water, limiting salt and I am losing weight. I don't feel the results, but the scale sees them. 

All I have heard since we began The 17 Day Diet together is how wonderful the diet is and also how you have to be selfish and put yourself first in order to succeed. Well, I am not counting on whatever anybody else wants, or says they are doing or not doing to help themselves in turn help you.

I am exercising every day, sometimes in my room on the floor doing stretches, crunches and arm exercises. Sometimes I wait until everyone is in bed, maybe they are sleeping, maybe they are not. Other times I exercise when Irene is not at home. I put on my music and go. Either way, I am doing this thing. I am not letting spaghetti stop me from a 20 minute workout. Get Real. 

Anyone else? Please let me know.

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