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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cycle Two: Activate! Day 15 - Conversion!


We all love to hear good news, and I have some.

My friend Natasha came to town from Vancouver yesterday and I invited her over for supper. I picked her up from where she was staying and brought her back to the house to have supper with Lane, Noriko, Irene and me. I made a stewed chicken with tonnes of veggies, sautéed green beans with mushrooms and an Asian style slaw. For an appetizer, Noriko made a simple Miso soup and a tofu dish that was served with Wasabi and kelp! It was all sooo delicious!

We had such a good time reminiscing and talking after supper that Natasha accepted our invitation to spend the night and decided to go back to her host family's house to pick up a few overnight things to stay with us. Before we left, she stopped me in the kitchen and said, "You think that we could stop by McDonald's so I can pick up a sundae? I feel like something sweet."
Tofu with Wasabi, Kelp and Lite Soy Sauce
"Well, I don't know what you have in mind" I replied, "but if you want a delicious treat, why don't you try some mixed berries with fat free yogurt and Stevia extract?" I then proceeded to tell Natasha how good these little bits and bites are. She thought for about a second and then we took off down the road. 20 minutes later on our way back, we were passing the turn off to McDonald's and she pointed for me to turn. I did. The drive-thru was open.

Natasha asked, "Will you share a McFlurry with me?"
"Will you have some bites out of a sundae?"
"So how do you do that berry thing?"
"Well you can eat the berries frozen or warm them up. I stir them into plain yogurt that I sweeten with Stevia."
"Ok. Let's do that. Thank you for talking me out of eating junk."
"REALLY? You are very welcome!"

I helped a person make a wholesome, nutritious and healthy choice. All it took was honesty. I believe that what I eat is delicious and I believe in the truth. Don't sugar coat it, really. Don't.

Here is a photo of Natasha enjoying her yogie and berries! Ps, She doesn't know I took a picture of her.
 Natasha is enjoying a healthy dessert!

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