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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cycle One: Accelerate! Day 10 - Stress Test

6:30 am
Up early, having coffee with Irene and getting ready to go to Kelowna for Starbucks and shop for flat, winter shoes or boots for me. 

9:00 am
Outside warming up car and noticed that Noriko's car is not in the driveway. Did she have an early shift? Irene came out and I told her that Noriko must have gone out this morning, her car is gone. Irene kinda gasped and said, "but someone was in the
wash room, I heard the toilet flush." Okay, now I am kinda spooked

9:15 am
Noriko told us that her car was towed last night and she had to call Lane to pick her up after work. Irene and I patiently wait upstairs as Noriko gets ready for work. 

10:30 am
We arrived at the tow company and picked up Noriko's car. She followed us back to Starbucks and I bought her an apple cider. She's already had a tough morning. Irene and I sat for an hour and a half with two rounds of coffee and went over a few mental  notes with each other. The diet is going good. 

12:45 pm
Stress ensues in human form. 
The two of us had made lunch plans with Millie and met at the A&W. Irene bought me a salad and a diet root beer. We packed our soup for lunch and I was very content and full after my veggies and protein. The only problem that I really felt was that after spending three hours having a conversation, I was totally drained mentally. 

4:00 pm
Irene and I arrived home after an animated conversation about our lunch with Millie. Sometimes you feel like you are beating your head against a wall or having a one sided conversation and then realise that you are not imaging it, but you really are beating a dead horse. I was so wound up after I got home that my nerves were bad. Really bad. Unwanted stress is a true test of addiction, my food addiction.

5:00 pm
Suppers on. I made a super salad with spinach, romaine, red and green bell peppers, hot banana peppers and tomatoes. Irene opted for the soup as did I for my second course. Satisfaction to the max! 

10:00 pm
Home again. No exercise tonight. Wah. I am going to have to dance on my own, even though Irene has suggested walking. Last week she said twice a week and then cancelled, this week suggesting three times a week and then backed out again. I am doing my own thing with her in mind. I will ask her anyway. If she refuses then I won't hold it against her. 

Today's Lesson: 
Don't let anyone get under your skin. Be in control of yourself. If you stumble and fall, remember that you make the choice of whether or not you want to get back up and start walking again.

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