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Monday, December 19, 2011

Cycle Two: Activate! Day 5 - Helping Hands

Hi All or none!

Today Irene and I were up early and shared a little time having coffee before we headed into town to help Millie with her house cleaning. We had been planning to do this last Saturday but the funeral came up, so we postponed it until today.

Irene and I planned ahead as usual, and packed a lunch to take with us to Millie's. We had salad greens with fresh grape tomatoes, green onion, spinach and red pepper. We also packed our left over chicken kabob's and veggie skewers. In addition to the food, I made sure to include
fat free dressing and a bottle of diet soda as a treat because I know how much Irene hates water and she won't drink Millie's coffee. This is no secret and Millie knows that Irene doesn't like her coffee which is too weak for Irene's bolder palate.

The three of us had a nice visit and Irene and I did light chores for Millie, splitting up dusting, vacuuming, and bathroom duties. HAHA - I said bathroom and duties in the same sentence! It feels good to help out an older relative who cannot get around like she used to. When we were done all of us sat around the dining room table and had lunch. Millie ate her own food after she saw what Irene and I were munching on. We offered to share our food with her but she politely refused and made her own sandwich and coffee. Irene and I are not swayed by others and their dietary differences from ours. 

We are doing really good! I haven't lost any more weight yet, but I feel okay. Maybe a little uninspired or slightly discouraged in spirit, but I haven't gone off my diet or stopped exercising. I usually do my own thing in the exercise department when Irene is gone out or I go to my room and stretch, crunch my core or do something quietly. She's not fond of exercising and that's okay. I am doing what I can.

Is anyone else out there doing this diet, following along or having hardships???
Please talk to me and let me know!

With love, 

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