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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cycle Two: Activate! Day 14 - Good News From Home, Pumpkin

Hey hey hey,

I received some good news from where I permanently reside. My friend, Pumpkin and I had a texting conversation today that went as follows: 

P: "Hey ducky!!! :) Just letting you know that your presence is REALLY missed!!! :( See you soon. Luv, Pumpkin"
M: "Hey! Good to hear from you. I appreciate the sentiments! Things are ok. I've lost 23lbs so far. I hear you are taking off somewhere!"
P: "Awee wow...that's awesome!!! :) keep it up!! And share your secrets with me!
:p... I'm heading off to Mexico, Haiti, Dominican, Puerto Rico... If you're interested... come with me!"
M: "My secrets are online. I've been keeping a daily blog with photos & starting videos. I'm sure I won't be coming, but thanks for the offer. That's sweet!"
P: "Awe! :( Awe ok...hehe I'm gonna go on your blog!! :) ...your presence is REALLY missed...keep in touch and see you soon!! :)"

Needless to say, I felt that our little texting conversation was encouraging for both parties. Pumpkin was happy to hear that I was doing well with my weight loss and health program, she also conveyed interest in how I am doing it. This tells me that people are genuinely happy about the success of others. If they can join along in helping themselves to help others, then the steps are being taken to climb the cooperation ladder of success. We are not seeking to gain anything selfishly. Rather, we see what helped others to achieve their goals and further along the good news. 

I, in turn was happy to share the love and let Pumpkin know that how Irene and I are accomplishing our list of goals is not a secret by any means. I am telling our story, as it unfolds. What may work for one individual may not work for another. This is why I am happy to ask for comments and questions because I really want others to tell their story's and give feedback. 


Besides that, it's also heart warming to hear that I am missed by my friends. We are all part of a much greater picture. Aren't we?

Post Script: 
I think I may have a little bug visiting my colon as I spent the better part of the day layed up with cramping. Everyone who knows me is well aware that I have had a fully hysterectomy and a bi-lateral oopherectomy. So my little cramps are not from a "feminine" source as so many of us have had to endure! 

I was not able to enjoy much food today, especially not Irene's Sassy Sweet & Sour Turkey Meatballs! WAH - Boo-hoo and all that. NEXT TIME suckers!

Love you all!

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