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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cycle One: Accelerate! Day 12 - New Additions

Hi Hi!

Last night we had a new addition to our family. I am so happy that I am here WITH my family and able to share the joy of the new addition. Lane and Noriko are the proud parents of an 8 week old Border Collie puppy who chose her own name, Annie.

She is the smallest, cutest 4-legged furball that I have seen - ever. This was taken 14 hours after she got home.

Today was a good day and Irene and I have finally swung into our own little dietary routines. Even though we
talk about our diet,
recipes, success and failures in the past, we have managed to snack and eat at different times and are doing very well.

The thing with most families is that not everyone is on the same schedule. Despite the facts: 1) Irene is my sponsor, 2) we are related and 3) I am living with her through the first three crucial cycles of this diet, we seem to be minimizing the non essential areas that may distract us in our every day living. In turn we are both talking out our past personal tragedy and current daily triumphs, all while maximizing the results of our diet. 

Every day that we attend our "nutritional therapy" and follow our counsel, is a success. Every time that we go to Starbuck's and put skim milk in our coffee instead of coffee cream is a success. Every time that we walk down the grocery isle and pass by the holiday nuts and candy, and instead reach for bags of spinach and apples, is a success. 

Essentially, Irene and I are gradually retraining our bodies to do what they are meant to do and that is, make wise decisions for our bodies, minds and spirit. Knowing what to do is more difficult for some and for others, it comes easily. For instance, I have always had will power but I was lazy at administering it. My will power became won't power over the years. And as for Irene, she used food as a reward for success, not just for herself, but for others too. Food was a security blanket and comforting in distressful times as well.

It has taken many combined years for us to get to the point that we are at now. We realise that this life changing process is something that will need our love, attention and is something that we will have to nurture for as long as we are breathing. And that's okay. For us at this point and time while observing how disgusting fat is, minuses equal success (--- = success) and pluses equal failure (+++ = failure). The only additions that we want to see is growth from our new puppy, Annie. She is the exclusive addition that is welcomed in this house. 


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