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Friday, December 16, 2011

Cycle Two: Activate! Day 2 - Road Trip

Today Irene, Noriko, Annie the puppy and I went on a road trip to Vernon!
Watch puppy singing in Japanese

We had been planning this little shopping excursion for quite some time, and now it has come and gone so quickly. We left early enough to grab a Starbuck's coffee for the road, but late enough to arrive around lunch time and have a little bite before we continued on with our day.

When we arrived at Wendy's the pooch was not sure of herself as she had never been in snow up to her belly before. Irene and I stood watch while Noriko walked Annie in amongst the bushes and trees. While the dog had business to do, I had my own agenda and that was to eat.

Today I ordered a chilli and a large Diet Coke for myself  and a coffee for Irene. She packed her own salad with Sardines for her protein. I wanted to experiment with this new cycle of Dr. Moreno's diet, since we are now allowed to eat other lean proteins and have limited starchy veggies as well as legumes. The chilli fell right among all of these new foods along with our old standby's of celery, onion, tomatoes, etc. Sounds good right? Yeah, I think so. The only thing that may have been excessive is the sodium content.

Did either Irene or I have any blips on this day? No. Not yet. In fact, I think it is getting easier the farther we go... hmmm. Is this really dieting? If it is I must be dreaming.

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