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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cycle Two: Activate! Day 7 - Correlation of Cinnamon and Blood Sugar

Oh Boy!
An apple a day does not necessarily keep the doctor away, especially if it's covered in cinnamon and you are predisposed to diabetes!  WHAT??
The Poisonous Apple

I think we may have had a slight scare tonight. The two of us had our regular standing arrangements to go out tonight but the weather was affecting me in a peculiar way and then we had a blip on our radar.

Around 3pm, Irene turned white and said how she felt weak and light headed. "Messa? Look up cinnamon and see what adverse affects there are from eating too much." I naturally asked her how much was too much and she courageously revealed to me that she had put about two table spoons in her yogurt and fruit. 

TWO TABLE SPOONS!!! I jumped up and Googled "cinnamon" in an instant.

The news is in. I read an article on Live Strong dot com, about the health risks and concerns from an over consumption of cinnamon. It appears as though diabetics like Irene could run into some real problems with this common spice. Despite the fact that cinnamon may produce health benefits like lowering ones blood sugar levels, I am of the opinion that diabetics should not not ingest any at all and risk putting themselves in harms way of any sudden and drastic fluctuations in their blood sugar. 

Also, the distant cousin's Cassia, Vietnamese Cinnamon, Indonesian Cinnamon and Chinese Cinnamon "significantly increased the growth of estrogen receptor's" linking careless consumption to breast cancer. I read this in a Phytotherapy Research Article.  

I am not a medical expert and do not endorse or condone any certain one dietary supplement or program. I am just a human trying to learn as I go and maybe convince my aunt that less is more! 

What say you? Is moderation and balance the key to success?

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