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Monday, December 26, 2011

Cycle Two: Activate! Day 12 - Losses and Gains

Good evening fellow dieter's!

I am not opposed to using the word like many are. I hear that "diet" is a four letter word, diet is "DIE" with a "T", I hear a lot of negative connotations attached to the word. None of it affects me. Really. I am dieting and proud to use nutritional therapy to change my life for the better and hopefully, help and encourage others in the process!

I had like zero sleep last night because I was up late writing and in between blogs, I was talking to a friend in Egypt. Things are pretty hairy there and they want to flee to Canada. People are being bombed, starving and I am concerned over a minor diet? Heck no! I think not!

So the neighbours kids were up early and began to stomp, scream, run, roll, cry, tumble and do lord knows what next door and I could feel my head vibrating on the pillow,
a feeling which ear plugs cannot eliminate! I made a pot of coffee and eventually turned the television on and saw that today's Dr. Oz episode included ways to fight belly fat and confuse your muscle memory for better results from your work out. 
Irene was still sleeping, which is rare, but I think that something is in the air because neither of us has been 100% our normal selves. Yesterday, Irene told me that she gained all of her recent weight loss back, all 6 lbs. Not cool. She made a vow to not let it get her down and tried to figure out where she went wrong. I didn't offer any suggestions because she blows a gasket every time I mention her lack of water consumption. Besides, if any adjustments need to be made, no matter what I or anyone else says, the individual has to decide for themselves. 

Today I weighed myself the same time I do every day and Irene walked into the kitchen announcing that she lost all the wiehgt that she gained over the past couple of days. I didn't tell Irene that I lost 2 more pounds, placing me at -23 from the start. I don't want to be discouraging when someone like Irene doesn't feel as though 5 lbs is enough. Every little thing can get you down. She poured a coffee and I sat down to watch Dr. Oz together. We were so grossed out by an object he uncovered on a surgical tray. It was some type of body fat from the belly and it's name began with the letter "M". I have tried searching this out but to no avail. So, if anyone knows what it  is called, please tell me. This is what it looks like:
Irene felt inspired enough to ask me to take that photo. She wants it on her fridge where it now rests. She wanted very badly to buy a juicer since she has become quite the fan of pure vitamins and minerals! Tonight she got one. She bought a BIG MOUTH and it looks great! I'll be posting a photo or two after she christens it tomorrow!
Still Image photographed from the December 26, 2011 episode of Dr. Oz

Tonight I also took before photos in front of the fridge. I know you may be thinking, isn't it a little late for before photos if you have already lost 23 pounds? The answer is no. Every one loses weight differently, in different ways and in different places. Irene for example, didn't lose weight but her close fit differently. I lost weight but don't look or feel any different. So, I feel that my photos will be an accurate depiction of me at the beginning of my journey. Unfortunately, I don't have enough guts to post them online yet. It will take Dr. Oz, Dr. Moreno and the entire Oprah Winfrey alumna to convince me otherwise.


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  1. Was it the visceral fat called "omentum"?