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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cycle Two: Activate! Day 4 - Just desserts!

Messa's Sensational Berry Custard Crumble 

I used my imagination tonight to make something that is not in Dr. Moreno's book: The 17 Day Diet. However, everything that I used in this recipe is individually mentioned in Cycles 1 & 2. 

Prior to dieting some people have two eyes bigger than their stomach. Then the stomach grows larger than anything else on your body, dwarfing the eyes and everything else in it's shadow.
Although I believe two of the most important things to have on a diet are your eyes to watch what you are doing, I think that I may have grown three more I's that are far better for any type of nutritional therapy. These three I's are: instinct, intuition and imagination.

With them I see what I have to work with, I know what my limits are, and with them I see what the possibilities are. I see endless flavours, colours, smells and numbers going down. That is I have lost 3 more pounds. I have lost 21 pounds altogether and am now 260lbs. WOW. I have not been this light in 7 years. I am sure liking this diet. But what I love more, is the gift of my three I's. 

Spicy Greek Chicken Kabob's

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