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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cycle One: Accelerate! Day 11 - DIET is not a bad word!

To my fellow readers, bloggers, vloggers, dieters, whomever you are out there...

Today was a super bad day, not diet wise, but health wise. I suffered from an incredible migraine, one so bad that it even made me sick to my stomach. I am not sure why exactly my head was aching. I tried to think about dietary changes and there weren't any. I thought about the barometric pressure, that too was not bad, so I can't say for sure why I had such a bad pain in my head.

I stayed in bed until 4 pm and then wandered out and made coffee. Irene was gone for the majority of the day and while she was out she told me she went out for lunch with her girl friends. She had a Caesar salad with the regular restaurant dressing. She did not elaborate on anything so I did not ask her about salad additions like seafood or chicken.

I was not well enough to eat until about 7 pm and then I had
a small bowl of soup and a large green salad with fat free Italian dressing. I was not terribly hungry, but knew that if I didn't eat, I might make my headache worse. I don't like taking too many risks with my body at this point. I used to take plenty of risks with my body. Prescription medication, over - the- counter drugs, food binging, alcohol, you name it. I have learned to minimize many of my loves, like carbs and booze. I know that being a glutton is not only unhealthy but is morally and ethically wrong. Well, it is in my opinion. By wrong I mean that it is not right to be such a pig with so many things in our life that we become engulfed in our own selfish desires. So, over the years I have learned to smarten up and adopt the "less is more" philosophy.  Now, I find that I am paying more attention to my body and believe that I am taking less risk, playing it safe. Safe is a good thing since the opposite of being safe is to cause harm, be careless and even naive. Do I want to be careless with my body? Do I want to be naive or educated when it comes to my body and what I put in it? Do I want to cause harm to myself, my mental & emotional health? Or would I rather want to help nurture and tend to what I am allowing myself to become?

I believe that the answers to these questions are inside all of us. We always seem to know what the right thing to do is, what the right path to walk is. But when someone has an addiction to food, we rarely ever want to admit fault or claim responsibility when we sabotage ourselves. Rather, we make excuses and say: oh I'll diet tomorrow, but I didn't eat all my calories yesterday - so I'll eat everything all at once today, I forgot to take my container of diet food to the luncheon I've been planning for a week, I'm PMS-ing or I'm celebrating! EVERY DIETER HAS SAID THESE THINGS. If you haven't, you are lying to yourself. BIG TIME!!!

STOP lying to yourself. Be truthful. Don't conceal your feelings, cravings and thoughts about the new lifestyle change that you are taking on by dieting. Dieting is nutritional therapy for your body. If you are not able to talk with your spouse, children, siblings, parents, relatives or friends; I am available, talk to me. I am here. I know about food cravings and dislike for new foods. I know about success and failure. I know about loneliness and what its like to cheat since no one is there watching over you. Don't do it! 20 seconds of something delicious is not worth the lifetime of fat, heart disease, bad knees, excessive perspiration and breathlessness. You know what I am talking about!

PLEASE leave a comment, question or suggestion and I can guarantee you a response within a couple of hours. Sometimes we have INSTANT cravings or feelings that need to be dealt with right away. I may not be able to be there for everyone but I can definitely respond to you by addressing your issues and questions in the form of a blog or video. I want to start filming more, so that progress can be charted by something visually stimulating. People love pictures and video. I will do my best to do my best!

Thank for all your love and support!

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