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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cycle One: Accelerate! Day 9 - A new beginning


Oh yes, the juice has a wonderful colour and I am sure it's nutritional properties are fit for a queen. 

My kingdom is my body and I am the lone ruler of this domain. I know that this is a healthy way of thinking and that I have been waiting to succeed on the throne for many years. I was not ready to inherit the position until my mind and body said enough is enough. Time to govern over the entire state of Messa. 

Today, both Irene and I ate leftovers. On purpose. The soup that I made the night before was
meant to be eaten for days to come because it has more flavour and is packed of nutritionally beneficial elements. 

The key to this weight loss is to stay focussed and keep our goals in mind. 

Prior to starting this diet, Irene and I wrote out out goals. Small ones and big ones. One of my goals is to be able to wrap a regular bath towel around me when I get out of the shower. Not a bath SHEET, a bath towel. That is a little thing for me. A bigger goal is to take weight off in order to lessen the pressure on my knees, thus improving my life as a whole. 

The same thing applies for Irene as she had bad knees too. But she says that all of her goals are major. She wants to beat this addiction - "I want to be in control of myself, not have food be in control of me." Since she lost 125 pounds, she no longer walks with a cane. Something I just realised yesterday, in fact was when I was getting into her car to go shopping and I noticed that she no longer walks with a cane. Last year, she was always jamming her cane in the car, it would be hooked on something when she tried to get it out or would constantly be dropping it somewhere. It was a very evident part of her life, a staple. Now the cane no longer exists. Irene has a more physical goal for this phase of her diet and that is to lose her belly fat. fat around the stomach seems to be the most difficult to lose, maybe because of the stress hormone, cortisol and how we seem to put on fat the fastest around the middle, hence it being the last and most difficult to abolish.

It's all a matter of taking a day at a time. I look at every day of my diet as the first day of my diet because that's when we seem to be most goal oriented and focussed. I find that I always accomplish what I need to do when I am starting a diet. The only reason why I am currently keeping count of the days on this particular diet is because after 17 days, we have to switch to the next stage and incorporate more to our food program. If it wasn't for that, I would wake up everyday and say, Day One - an new beginning!

Now I look at every day as a new beginning and the first day of the rest of my life. 

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