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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cycle One: Accelerate! Day 5 - A 10 lb loss

Greetings health fans!

I'm here to say that Irene and I spent the day apart today. I was awake until almost 8 am when I heard her get up and begin juicing her breakfast. It was about 9:30 when she walked by my room and I turned to speak to her through the door that I had left open the night before. 

She went on with her plans for the day and left for town and I went back to bed to try and sleep. I had a mother of a headache and could barely move my head. This was the fourth time in nearly two weeks that I have had a headache, today being the worst.

The house didn't see me get up until 1:14 pm and I thought I would make some coffee to see if the caffeine would help out. No dice. I watched some television and did my 17 minute workout to Lady Gaga and Madonna. I figured that I would work through the pain at least to say that I did my exercises! I was singing at the top of my lungs to Bad Romance when Lane and Noriko left to go out. This was the first time in two weeks that I was completely alone... quite the reverse of my life back in Calgary. Lonely is my middle name there.

When Irene got home I helped carry in and unpack all the groceries. Holy smokes, she bought Talapia! I have never eaten Talapia before. I can hear her asking me to Google another recipe! Maybe I should Google laptops for Irene! Hahaha, it's no sweat of my brow. I love the computer.

There was plenty to eat, but my head was still pounding so badly by 6 pm that I wasn't so hungry. I managed to take eat of what was left of our yummy soup and Irene ate the other half. I also had a lovely spinach salad later in the evening. It left my teeth very furry from all the iron in the spinach.

I told Irene that night about my three pound loss for a total of ten and she was happy. I don't feel happy or sad. I don't feel much. Maybe I will when I drop a few more pounds. I am however, grateful to Irene for everything that she has given me during this whole diet. I would never eat like this back home. All the beautiful variety of veggies, fruits, fishes, chicken and turkey... not to mention the addictive penchant I have for linseed oil. Oh man do I love that stuff.  Yes, I am very happy and grateful for my family. But have no feelings either way about anything else at this moment.

Hmm... is that normal???

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