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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cycle One: Accelerate! Day 2 - Up Early

Wakie wakie! Tuesday Morning...

3 am
Up early again with a ravenous appetite. Not hunger pains, just hungry. Having an apple and another 10 oz glass of water to curb the feeling. Back to sleep.

9:00 am
I awoke with a bad headache. This is the same headache I had earlier yesterday. It is so bad I'm gagging. I wonder what
Irene had for breakfast? Misses head, meet Mister Pillow. Ugh!

12:30 pm
Irene told me she had yogurt and fruit for breakfast, along with another one of her awesome juice concoctions. I couldn't eat and made a pot of coffee. Time to try the Ryza brown rice milk.
Q: Will brown rice milk satisfy and finish on the palate like coffee cream? A: No. However with a little Krisda sweetener, it is actually not too bad. Normally I do not use any sugar or sweetener but since the milk is very watery, I mad an allowance for this option.
Lunch for Irene is leftover chicken and veggies from the night before. Looks good!

4:00 pm
I began chopping veggies for a low fat, flavour packed supper. I layered my veggies & spices as follows: Green JalapeƱo slices (seeds included), garlic cloves, minced ginger, white onion, celery stalks, regular carrots, green bell peppers, large Bok Choy stalks (leaves included). After, I prepped a wild Sockeye salmon, cut it into steaks and placed it on the bed of vegetables. Drizzled with lime juice and Kosher salt, I put it in the oven, uncovered for 40 minutes at 350.

4:30 pm
I had to eat something before I regained that starvation feeling. Despite that the salmon just went in the oven, I made a spinach salad with more leftover chicken, peppers and onion. Add a dollop of hot salsa and fat free sour cream and I had a an awesome salad!!

5:15 pm
I pulled the Salmon out and basted the steaks with a mixture of  water, lite soy sauce, Stevia. I covered it with parchment paper and returned it to the oven.

5:25 pm
FIRE IN THE OVEN!!!! Not quite. But the smoke detector did go off and Irene asked, what's that? Um, YEAH! Turning the oven off, parchment paper off, smoke detector quiet, the salmon finished cooking in the oven. I asked if Irene's son wanted to come up for supper in a half hour. He said yes.

6:00 pm
Supper time for us girls. I called Lane up but he was snoring so Irene and I went ahead and set the table. We had salad greens and my low fat Teriyaki salmon with veggies. The salmon was a little dry but it was still edible. Lane wandered up and he had a huge plate and kept saying oh the food is so good. Mmm Mmm. Yesterday the chicken stank, today the fish doesn't??? Whatever, he's eating our diet food now!

9:00 pm
DANCE time! Irene I have 6 songs for us. Oh, is that 17 minutes? No, a little more. But if we can do a little more, isn't that okay? Sure! 18.5 minutes of heart pumping dancing. I did the Charleston for 1/3 of it! So much fun! 

Irene, can you please come and help me write this blog for our first day? She gave me suggestions on her take for the first day and then I read to her what I wrote. Yeah Messa... What ARE we going to do with that artichoke??? Tweet Oprah and ask her! Hahaha... we had a good laugh!

Hungry again. I ate my two servings of pro biotics at once in the form of caramel yogurt plus a whole granny apple chopped in. Crunch, crunch, crunch.

11:30 pm - 1:30 am
Nightly late night ritual of Worldwide Pants productions... Dave's blue tie was too short tonight. Craig's show was consistently funny. His sidekick Geoff was Spanish again tonight. HILARIOUS robot skeletonage!

Goodnight Irene!

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