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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Cleanse - Leading up to the 17 Day Diet

Irene and I are on the same diet but different pages.

Irene's page reads: I have already lost 125 pounds and am on my way to a fabulous bod but need to accelerate my body of it's current plateau in order to spur on the loss of the final 60 pounds. 

My (Messa's) page reads: Eight years ago I lost 127 pounds then gained it back the following year after a bad spell of depression and new medication. I am as far away from a fabulous bod as I will ever be, but not for long.

Prior to starting the 17 Day Diet , Irene and I

spoke on the phone every day about how great it would be to go on the diet together and encourage one another to success. She asked me to order the book for her and so I did. 

While Irene lives 650 km`s away from me, I made plans to visit her and gave her an arrival date for my visit, November 30, 2011. After making arrangements to adjust my schedule, I decided to surprise her and come in 10 days earlier. 

Before I left Calgary, I was researching several body cleansing solutions. I have been very familiarized over the years with various ways to eliminate waste from the colon, kidney and liver. The way I saw it, if I am going to start a diet to lose weight, it is better that I clean out my organs first so that I can process the foods and maximize the nutritional content of everything that I consume. I consulted my aunt and Irene saw it the same way.

When I surprised her with my arrival on that blustery Friday morning, she was thrilled to see me earlier than expected and could not wait to start out diet regime. Frankly, neither could I.

The two of us piggies made a plan to write a list and shop for all of our cleansing needs over the six day period that we determined, three days for the colon followed by three days for the kidneys. We also decided that juicing veggies would be a good way to kick start our cleansing. This way all the pulp is removed from the fruits and vegetables, making digestion easier. I packed my juicer with me from Calgary to do the job, yes I came prepared! Also eating fresh, raw and steamed veggies as well as supplementing our cleanse with dietary boosters to kick off our systems was something we both agreed upon.

Off we went shopping for everything we needed. We gave ourselves a count for balance and decided to start our six day quick cleanse on Monday, November 21, 2011. And we did just so.

Our juicing experience was incredibly rewarding. We were not focused so much on the loss of weight during this period, although I weighed myself every day. Rather, we were more driven to feel good, and flush out the icky bugs in our body.

Success! Now we both feel better than the week previous and surprisingly had no bumps in the road along the way.
The one hiccough that I experienced was a mild headache for two days. I chalk this up to the critical healing that our bodies go through with any type of positive dietary changes. No problemmo. I also thought too that I would undergo major pain issues with my knees as I suffer, really suffer with bad arthritis. During my cleanse I was determined not to take any anti-inflammatory medication. I was pleasantly surprised and had no real major issues*. 

*(As a side point, I also did not engage in any physical exercise during this time. The most I did was take photos of my future cousin in-law while she tried on wedding dresses. THAT IS ALL)

And now we start Dr. Mike Moreno`s 17 day diet!  

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