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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cycle One: Accelerate! Day 1 - Shopping

Cock - a - doodle - doo! Monday Morning...

3:00 am 
STARVING at the Level 2 rating on Dr. Moreno's hunger meter.*  Uhm, I'll pass on eating the lining of an empty spam can and gamble on an apple after I finish this 10 oz glass of water. Mmm, delicious!

9:30 am 
Breakfast: Mmm, yogurt! Only eating 1/2 of my pro biotic serving in case I want to buy some acidophilus milk and take it to Starbucks later. Thank Dr. Moreno for telling us that we can have coffee on this diet! Mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah!
Irene opted for two poached eggs and a
16 oz juice combo of cabbage, celery and a half an apple. She could not stop talking about how wonderful the juice was. So delicious!

1:45 pm
Arrive at Starbucks for our daily achievement award. I order two, venti, bold's. I doctored up Irene's coffee with cinnamon, two Splenda and a dash of skim milk. I had the same, minus the Splenda. I tweeted "@17DayDiet: There's mention of acidophilus milk as a pro biotic but where do fat free dairy products come into play?"
Guilt free skim milk in our Starbuck's until we get an answer. Topic of conversation over our coffee:  Isn't fat free better than low fat? I wonder if we get an answer to this question? We then followed up with a review of our shopping list for our first 17 day "Activate Cycle".

2:30 pm
Walmart. Shopping for a water filtre system. I have one back in Calgary but Irene doesn't. I told her about "obesagens" in the pesticide Atrazine, found in drinking water. So Irene, which Brita filtre do you want? The 10 cup jug? or the 18 cup Brita Max? More is better, says Irene. Get the big one!

3:00 pm
Shopping for groceries. Store of choice: The Real Canadian Superstore in Westbank, BC.
Our list contained a new veggie for us, the artichoke. How on earth will we cook this thing? Hey Irene, look! There's brown rice milk on sale for 50% off! Wanna try it? SURE, throw it in! 
Ryza is a Canadian company too. Hmm, whole grain, brown rice milk... I hope it's good!

5:00 pm
Supper cooked by Irene: Olive oil, Montreal Steak Spice, skinless and boneless chicken breasts sautéed with red & green bell peppers, onion, celery and fajita seasoning. HOLY spiciness Amigo! Burn Baby Burn! Irene served up her zesty combo on a bed of mixed greens. Mmm, I am really liking the unlimited lean proteins and cleansing veggies idea. 
About that, I slowly ate one small bowl of supper and was so full! Is this possible? No hunger pains!

6:00 pm
Irene's son and future daughter in law head out and ask what we were cooking because it stank. WHAT? Are we smelling the same air? The house smelled of our divine "freebie" foods. 

7:30 pm 
17 minutes of exercise. Our exercise of choice? DANCING to the music of The Drifters, Eddie Rabbit and Lady Gaga!!! Oh yeah, Mary Murphy eat your heart out! Woo Hoo!

10 pm
Hungry! I'm eating more chicken and one more pro biotic serving of yogurt. Irene is sipping on green tea and says, Messa, tweet Dr. Oz and tell him thank you for featuring this wonderful diet on his show! Done deal. 

11:30 pm - 1:30 am 
Letterman and GP and the Ferg's! Ferguson was especially funny tonight. Irene and I laughed so hard, our bellies and faces ached! So awesome. Thank's Craig!

Successful day one. Stayed the course. Goodnight Irene!

*See page 39 of The 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno

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