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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Reason Your Way Through Addiction

Hidee Ho my lovelies!

I thought I would give you an update on my fellow Feed Bagger and senior piggie, Irene.

I spoke with her last night and she is doing well. Now that she has reached a new decade, her seventies, she has made a vow to not allow dieting to control her life.

This is a new phase in overcoming food addiction. When you start battling your demon addiction, you will notice that making deals with yourself become the norm, a way to get out of the fight for your life. It sounds crazy because it's your life, so why would you want to reason yourself out of healing???

It happens. Especially when you are dealing with food as your substance of choice. It is sooo much harder when food is your drug because we need it to survive. Whereas, street drugs or alcohol are easier to reconcile as these are not essentials for living. When one has more than a few pounds to lose, a total life changing commitment is required in order to overcome ones addiction and have markedly improved health.

At the very beginning of a dietary journey our intentions are the best and we always do a great job the first day. If we haven't quarantined ourselves within a plastic bubble this greatness diminishes the further we are from our start date and the more we are exposed to the elements of every day living. While we cook for our children, mates and special events, we can't expect to be immune from sampling, tasting and participating in the most social of human events. The extraordinary, everyday meal.

I say extraordinary because I look at every meal as a unique, daily gift that is given to us for our benefit or detriment. Let us not fool our eyes. After all, they are symbolically bigger than our stomach. My unprofessional suggestion is to make sure these presents to ourselves and others are wrapped in love. Prepare each one while thinking of what the end effect will be on all those who partake. Nutrients for our bodies don't have to be all quinoa and wheatgrass poured out of a blender. We can still enjoy everything we love as long as we balance our eating AND reasoning.

We all know what our food weaknesses and strengths are. So instead of thinking solely of exercising our bodies to help us lose weight, why don't we start by stretching our brain a little and warm it up to the idea of our new lifestyle change a little at a time? Our eyes don't play tricks on us, our mind does. If we start with our head, our body will follow. Trust me, it takes tonnes (pun intended) of practice!

When you are ready, you will take over the indulging and regain power over your addiction.

Like your food. Love yourself.

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