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Monday, March 25, 2013

Good Stress Produces A Well Balanced Meal

Hey Hey All,

As we all know, stress can lend itself to succumbing to an addiction, no matter how long we have been in recovery. As you also know, The Feed Bags addiction is food and yes, this little piggie is stressed. It's kind of a good stress though, so I don't feel too bad about it. Allow me to elaborate.

Late last year after this little piggie went to the rodeo, there was a problem in my apartment that I made management aware of. In one week they had someone come in three times to look at the damage, take measurements, make notes and put in a requisition for repairs. Or so I thought. Nothing happened between then and as of two weeks ago. And THEN...

I called someone from the Health Protection and Environmental Public Health department of Alberta Health Services (notice how they stress "health"). A young inspector came into my place two weeks ago and spent 90 minutes taking a thorough overview of my place. Today I received a notice on my door from management giving me my 24 hours notice to come in to inspect for the purpose of repairs. Great! The time has finally arrived for them to do what I have been waiting over four months for. 

This is still stressful because, although the necessary repairs are finally on their way, I have a feeling that management is not happy. This is not my problem. I like to make peace and avoid confrontation, so I am prepping my mind for any possible events. Herein lies the stress. So I baked bread. That in itself can be a hazard to a dieter, however I served it with my famous rip torn, DIET FRIENDLY soup. Gotta love it!

Thanks For Checking In!

Lots of love from Messa the Piggie

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