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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Feed Bags Reunite

2012 Rolled out with a nice little spontaneous family reunion for The Feed Bags.

Lane and Noriko came down from Wetaskawin to pick me up on Friday night and we drove out to Westbank. It was such a peaceful trip. It was the first time I was a long distance passenger in a very long time, almost ten years. In fact the last time I was on a trip with Lane was in 2003 when we were on our way back from Vancouver and we stopped to swim with Oni in the Similkameen River.

Ten years older and hopefully ten years wiser, we arrived very early on Saturday morning and had a

wonderful weekend of visiting, eating and enjoying the scenery. On Sunday, Irene hosted a beautiful supper. Attending were: Millie, Chris, Greg, Shawna, Amy, Corey, Lane, Noriko, Annie, Irene and yours truly. 
Irene had lovingly prepared enough food for three families to divide and take home. We had turkey, creamed potatoes, dressing, gravy, veggies, yams, perogies, cabbage rolls, gods salad, coleslaw, cranberry sauce, 2 different pies and 2 ice creams. Naturally every event is not without it's ups and downs. However, with some fast thinking and a few sideways glances, Irene and I managed to avert crisis and do some damage control. 
Yes, we went off our diets for the main event. We learned to plan ahead for such times and make concessions so as to not have any post feasting guilt. We did it and enjoyed our family down time!

I didn't take any photos. I know, sad right?

Oh, I lied. I went down to the lake to watch the sunset on New Years Eve and snapped this: 

To the right at the old ferry docks in Gellatly Bay, Wetbank. It was super chilly that night, but the pink sunset made up for it.

Below was the second shot that I snapped for a friend. It's a mountain along the Rocky Mountain Foothills on the East side before our approach to Calgary on January 1. 2013.


A new day, new year and continued success to all! 

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